Introducing a revolutionary A.I. powered treatment evaluation tool.
Fast, intelligent, at the point of delivery.

What is Quantum Satis?

Quantum Satis is a powerful medication evaluation tool which supports medication decisions at the point of delivery. It reveals sets of indicators/criteria including the identification of drug duplications and undocumented potential drug-drug conflicts.

Through innovative A.I. it significantly extends the conventional documented look-up method and delivers fully explainable outcomes through knowledge representation without further need for human validation and verification.

How does it work?

Quantum Satis combines drug and healthcare datasets from multiple regional, national or international sources alongside patient data and symptoms, identifying patterns and correlations deep within the data which indicate the potential for concern or improvement.

Is it being used by healthcare professionals?

Quantum Satis is already being used in frontline healthcare in the UK and Sweden and provides a valuable resource for decision support, statistical evaluation, data capture and patient involvement.


Who can use it?

Frontline healthcare practitioners, trust and organisation administrators as well as patients and their families can all benefit from Quantum Satis. See how it will benefit you, your organisation and your patients…

For organisations
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For clinicians
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For patients
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