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As healthcare becomes more complex, more and more treatments are approved for use and consultation times are put under ever greater pressure, how can you ensure that your own healthcare needs are being fully addressed.

One area of healthcare that is causing increasingly significant problems for patients is that of the unintended interactions between drugs. Even relatively common combinations of medications can throw up potentially life changing or life threatening consequences to certain groups of patients.

It is a sobering fact that such situations (called Adverse Drug Reactions or ADRs) are the 4th largest cause for mortality in the USA, resulting in the deaths of several thousands of patients each year.

As healthcare becomes more complex, the task of identifying these problems escalates. Doctors frequently do not have all the tools available to them, or the time, to fully investigate and what could be preventable goes unseen.


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Welcome to Quantum Satis

A powerful tool to supplement your healthcare

The power of QS AI

Quantum Satis is a powerful AI-based medical evaluation tool which is used by doctors to identify potential ADRs. It is now available for use by you, your family or carer to supplement your healthcare provision.

By ananlysing your current or proposed prescription, plus your use of other over-the-counter medications and remedies, and then combining this with your own symptoms and details, Quantum Satis can provide a detailed analysis tailored to you and you alone.

It will highlight areas of concern and reveal the potential for ADRs and other problems including drug duplication.

Quantum Satis is a browser based tool, so you will be able to access it like you would any website,. You will be able to enter your information in the comfort of your own home and in your own time.

We’re by your side

The results of the analysis can be printed out and brought to your doctor for discussion. This print-out contains the alerts for inappropriate drug use and potential Adverse Drug Reactions specific to you and your prescription. With your consent, your doctor will be able to open and further analyse the information in Quantum Satis and incorporate its findings into your consultation and the proposed course of treatment.

Better information gives better healthcare which gives better outcomes. Take control of your healthcare. Find out more about Quantum Satis.