Every doctor

Every consultation

Every drug prescribed…

…brings the potential for costly ADRs.


Costly to your patients’ health

Costly to your organisation’s budgets

Globally, preventable medication errors cost over $1 trillion each year.

Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) are among the leading causes of additional complications and longer hospital stays, morbidity and mortality.

It has been estimated that ADRs are the 4th largest cause for mortality in the USA, resulting in the deaths of several thousands of patients each year.


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Quantum Satis

Turning the tide on ADRs

The power of QS AI

Quantum Satis is a powerful AI-based medical evaluation tool which supports decision-making at doctor/patient consultations. It reveals potential drug combination issues regardless of the complexity of the proposed or existing drug regime of that patient. It can reveal drug specific indicators (such as inappropriate drugs, drug duplication, drug-drug interactions etc) and diagnosis specific indicators (drug-disease interactions, contraindications etc).

It can quickly identify, collate and present its analysis in a clear and intuitive format. It interrogates the relevant drug combination data from across the multiple datasets available to your organisation, including individual patient history, physiology and symptoms.

Real-time, multi-dataset analysis

Quantum Satis can be used to assess proposed drug therapies to finesse a course of treatment and to highlight the potential for hidden conflicts inherent in that proposal. Or it can be used to review a patient’s existing drug constellation to rule in/out the potential for ADRs being a cause of underlying health issues.

Quantum Satis can do all this in real time at the point of delivery.

Organisation -wide benefits

At an individual doctor/patient consultation, Quantum Satis can make a hugely positive influence on the health outcomes of individuals in your organisation’s care, and sometimes a life-saving difference.

But multiply the effects of a QS review across every consultation within your organisation, and the incremental reduction of hidden or unexpected drug conflicts becomes truly ground-breaking, making your organisation a leader in turning the tide against ADRs, and saving lives and money.

Quantum Satis
Deployable power across your entire organisation, however large.

Beyond one-to-one consultations

Quantum Satis is more than just a prescription tool. Alongside it’s decision support capabilities, it combines functionality for both data capture and statistics/reports for management and research purposes, bringing truly innovative data-led improvements to your organisation.

With modules for physicians, nurses, patients and pharmacists/clinical pharmacologists, Quantum Satis traverses healthcare and brings decision support to all your organisation’s frontline healthcare professionals.

Easy deployment and scalablity

The web-based nature of Quantum Satis makes it easy to scale up to more users and to launch updates. Furthermore, it can be readily integrated into existing care platforms.