Every drug prescribed

Every drug bought over-the-counter…

…brings the potential for costly ADRs.


The QS system consists of three different applications developed with a focus on user-friendliness for healthcare professionals, patients and pharmacists / clinical pharmacologists. Pharmacists receive an analysis of the quality and safety of drug use. The analysis is based on national guidelines and recommended practice and delivers a quality-assured drug analysis.

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Quantum Satis

Turning the tide on ADRs

The power of QS

Quantum Satis is a powerful medical evaluation tool that supports the prescriber in all types of drug prescriptions. QS signals risks in the patient’s drug use and provides the user with information on inappropriate drugs, drug duplications, drug interactions, diagnosis-specific risks and contraindications.

It can quickly identify, compile and present an analysis in a clear and intuitive format. It combines relevant data from different sources and gives the user a tailored answer.