Quality Pharma partners with Strong Room

Friday 17th September 2021

We are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Quality Pharma Ltd and Strong Room AI.

This partnership will allow for the roll out of Quality Pharma’s QS System™ across Strong Room’s AI driven drug management platform in Australia and New Zealand, a key milestone for reducing adverse drug events and enhancing health outcomes in both countries.

The proprietary QS System™ (“Quantum Satis”) developed with Professor Johan Fastbom over the last ten years is a powerful medical evaluation tool to accurately inform the selection of safe, quality medication-based treatment. It is the only known software to effectively flag the potential for adverse drug events in polypharmacy, with it’s unparalleled ability to diagnose and reveal specific indicators (inappropriate drugs, drug duplication, drug-drug interactions, drug-disease interactions, undertreatment etc.) as well as potential adverse drug reactions in treatment programmes of multiple drugs.

Strong Room AI’s community pharmacy, aged care, and hospital platform is currently deployed in over 500 facilities across Australia.

With this new partnership, Strong Room will have exclusive integration with Quality Pharma’s algorithms for the Australian and New Zealand markets, enhancing the efficacy and quality of care through augmented decision making and automation of professional services.

Strong Room’s CEO, Max Mito, has commented:

“We are excited and proud to partner with a firm as innovative as Quality Pharma. As patient demands for quality-of-care increase, our partnership will enable us to deliver a new gold standard that empowers patients with greater insight and supports healthcare professionals to make more informed prescribing decisions. We look forward to further consolidating and automating our solution and to tackling new markets with Quality Pharma.”

Quality Pharma Director, Simon Alexander Legge, adds:

“With the QS System™ this important new partnership with Quality Pharma and Strong Room brings a unique opportunity to reduce the cost and risk of adverse drug reactions at scale, to improve the quality and safety of professional healthcare, and to provide individuals with critical information to empower them to actively engage in decisions about their own healthcare.”

Information for Quality Pharma: www.qualitypharma.ai

Information for Strong Room AI: www.strongroom.ai