Every doctor

Every consultation

Every drug prescribed to your policyholders…

…brings the potential for costly ADRs.


Costly to your policyholders’ health

and with massive cost liabilities for your business

Globally, preventable medication errors cost over $1 trillion each year and represent 15-20% of national health budgets.

A 2006 report published by the Board of Science of the British Medical Association (BMA) estimates that 250,000 people a year are admitted to hospital suffering harmful effects after taking drugs mainly prescribed by doctors in primary care, with a cost to the NHS of about £466 million a year.

What are the costs to health insurance companies if we extrapolate those rates into the population of health insurance policyholders for ADR associated hospital admissions, medications or even litigations?

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Quantum Satis

Turning the tide on ADRs

The power of QS AI

Quantum Satis is a powerful AI-based medical evaluation tool which supports decision-making at doctor/patient consultations. It reveals potential ADRs, drug specific indicators (such as inappropriate drugs, drug duplication etc) and diagnosis specific indicators (drug-disease interactions, contraindications etc).

It interrogates the relevant drug combination data from across the multiple datasets available to the healthcare organisation. These can include individual patient history, physiology and symptoms resulting in  a powerful analysis of the potential conflicts relating to that individual.

Preventative action on ADRs

Where Quantum Satis is used systematically across every consultation involving your policyholders, the incremental reduction of risk of hidden or unexpected drug conflicts across the group will amount to a significant reduction in real world costs.

The value-adding benefit of the QS System®

Analysis shows claims can be significantly reduced where QS reviews are undertaken at every consultation.